Choosing Between Healthy Diet Plans

There is no question that all the diets on the market only help to make us more confused. Every developer has a different opinion, which begs the question, who is right? The fact is that we are all different. Some healthy diet plans will work for you where others might fail. For the next person, it’s the complete opposite. This is why you need to get to know your body and what it responds to. But to make things easier, here is a list of some effective and healthy diet plans you can try out.

Atkins Diet

This is a diet that came into existence more than 40 years ago and thanks to its rather unorthodox approach it received a lot of attention. The Atkins diet places focus on reducing carbs while promoting foods such as bacon, butter, and mayonnaise. Where most diets urge people to eat nuts, fruits and grains the Atkins diet forbids it.

The diet is regarded as one that requires medium effort because there is no need to buy specific food, although there will be dramatic changes in what you eat. The side-effects usually come in the forms of bad breath and headaches.

Paleo (Caveman) Diet

Another diet that has been raved about is the Paleo diet. The whole idea of this diet is to go back to eating the way our prehistoric ancestors did. In other words, processed foods are a big no-no. According to the developer, this method of eating reduces the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Foods that are placed in high regard are meat, fish, and eggs. Basically, it comes down to a high protein and fiber meal.

Even though there are some variations for vegetarians the most effective way it will work comes down to meat. It’s also regarded as a diet that requires medium effort, but it’s only recommended for meat lovers who don’t mind cutting out dairy and salt.

Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Diet

The reason why Dr. Oz’s Ultimate Diet is such a popular plan is because you have a lot of options to play around with. Unfortunately, there aren’t any studies to prove the diet is effective, but Dr. Oz does provide relevant research why this diet works. For starters, he places a lot of emphasis on knowing your body. When do you get hungry? How big are the portions that you eat? What type of foods affects your weight?

In addition to giving you pointers on what to look for, he has listed an extensive list of foods that should be a priority when you visit the store. He also uses the “rule of 5’s” in order to help you decide which foods are best left on the rack.

Another thing that makes this diet stand out is the implementation of exercise every day for 30 minutes. Regardless of what you may have heard, exercise is a universal practice for weight loss and it helps everyone.

The Mayo Clinic Diet

Before getting into what this diet is all about, there is a bogus Mayo Diet that is circulating. The bogus diet is based on a following the diet for 12 days, taking two days off and repeating this cycle for 10 weeks. The real diet from the actual Mayo Clinic in Minnesota doesn’t promise 50 pounds of weight loss within 10 weeks. Instead, it aims to work in the long term.

The real Mayo Clinic diet is all about making healthy changes in your lifestyle. Within the book, you will find detail descriptions, graphics and eating plans to help you eat accordingly. The great thing is that it also speaks the mentality of the person on the diet. It helps you to stay motivated and keep your goals realistic.

Overall the Mayo Clinic diet is definitely one of the most extensive and healthy diet plans available.

The Skinny Bitch Diet

Despite the rather crude name, this diet has proven to work for vegetarians. It was developed by modeling industry veterans and don’t expect to read any details about how weight you can lose and when you will be losing them. They do however show you what you shouldn’t be eating, especially animal products.

There is some great logic behind this diet because studies show that people on vegan diets lose a lot more weight than people on meat eating diets. But if you do decide to follow this plan then be sure to get supplements for nutrition. Vegetarians might lose weight more quickly, but they also require nutritional supplementation.

The Mediterranean Diet

This is not the type of diet you want to consider if you plan on losing weight within the first week. But if you don’t mind waiting about 6 months then do yourself a favor and give it a try. At the moment there are several types of Mediterranean diets available and according to studies, they are great.

You will be protecting yourself from heart disease, high cholesterol and blood pressure in addition to increasing the health level of your heart. The types of food this diet promotes are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and fish, olive oil, beans and small meat portions. Daily exercise and actually enjoying every meal also form a big part of the plan.

Much like the Mayo Clinic diet, there are no grand promotions of losing large amounts of weight within a couple of days. It keeps your goals realistic, introduces an exercise plan and it wants you to focus on the bigger picture, which is to keep your level of health high while losing weight.


You are bound to try a few diets that won’t work and this can be related to several things. The thing to remember is that you really need to pay attention to what your body is telling you. Use this information to find a diet that makes sense for you and don’t lose hope. Thanks to all the healthy diet plans out there you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that speaks to your body.