10 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Wondering what is the best exercise to lose weight? We list 10 best exercises or activities to lose weight. Actually, there is nothing compared to eating healthy food regularly and doing lots of exercises.

1. Walking

Turns out, walking is the most affordable exercise you can do. As you can see that what you really need to do this exercise is very simple. You just need a pair of walking shoes. It is proved that by doing it you can cut off the risk of obesity and even fixing obesity issue. If you expect to maintain your health, you also can get it by walking. See, there are many beneficial things you can get if you do this. The fact shows that by walking four miles per hour can burn between 5 to 8 calories every minute. Imagine what you can get if you have a 45-minute walk. Many of those say that we can lose up to a pound in a week without changing any habits.

2. Swimming

If you love swimming and expect to lose weight at the same time, you are in the right way. Swimming is effective can shed pounds in every type you perform for examples are a front crawl, breast stroke, or even dog paddle.

It does not merely help you to weight loss but also in toning complexion. Besides, it is also good for women who are in their trimester pregnancy. Those who are battling with arthritis, obesity and musculoskeletal conditions are also advised to do this one. When you’re neck-deep in water, your body is only bearing ten percent of its weight, while the water provides 12 times the resistance of air. That is why it is ideal for strengthening and toning your muscles.

3. Cycling

Another thing that offers low-impact, high-rewards activity for losing weight is cycling. It is able to burn calories start from 372 to 1,100 calories per hour. However, you have to consider your speed and also with terrain when you are cycling. Therefore, it is better to go cycling in outdoor for the terrain itself have a great effect on it.

4. Running

The fact reveals that running may burn about 600 calories per hour. Also, it can build strong bones, connectives tissue and pumps your heart at a healthy rate. Those kinds of fact are mesmerizing since it enables to prevent heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers. Therefore, you would better to start running from now on. If you have loved it for a long time, then you are in luck. If it so, try to speed it up and keep up your motivation as well.

5. Tennis

Doing exercise alone is really boring. If you feel this one, you will in a long way away with your goal. Here, I suggest you seek a partner and ask him or her to do the same thing with you. Ask them to compete with you by playing tennis. If you two have a good game, then it means that you burn up to 600 calories in an hour.

6. Jumping Rope

Skipping, exercising on a trampoline or stationary jumping are effective ways to lose weight and burn fat. When you do skipping it means that you do jumping as well. It is considered as a high impact exercise which can raise the heart rate. If you expect to lose weight by doing this exercise, you need a strategy. Here are some tips I am gonna tell you. To lose 2 pounds a week, you will need to burn more than 7,000 calories. Another strategy is considering your eating habit. When you can do the exercise regularly and balance your eating habit, I am sure that you can get the result faster than you expect.

7. Aerobics Workout

Similar to the other exercises this thing also needs a kind of strategy. The result all depends on each person. The fact shows that some of them who are about 145 pounds will burn 400 calories during aerobics class. Meanwhile, the other person who is in equal weight with them, burn 461 calories in a 60-minute low-impact step aerobics class. That is you need to start outlining your own strategy.

8. Soccer

You may not believe that soccer is one of the best activities to burn calories. Yet, the result says so, according to “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” in 2011. Based on the study, playing soccer can burn calorie up to 1400 per hour. Since the game has an excellent interval-training workout, it then becomes the most reliable way to lose weight. During doing soccer, it gives you an opportunity to burn up the calories. Again, a number of calories you are gonna burn depends on ourselves.

9. Stair Climbing

Stair climbing is pretty simple, right? You can do either in your home or in the office. Different with other, you can calculate the amount of calorie you are gonna burn. It will gonna work after you climb seven flights of stairs in ten minutes. Here is the formula to calculate METs x 3.5 x weight in kilograms ÷ 200 x duration in minutes. For your information, MET is a number that represents your energy output.

10. Martial Arts

During doing this one, you will get more than an advantage. Instead, you can get the whole packages which are: weight loss, increase or maintaining health, and live longer. Also, it enables you to have physically defense as your extra bonus. Frankly, there are many types of martial arts you can choose: boxing, judo, kick boxing, jujitsu and mixed martial arts.

See, there are many ways out there that you can freely to choose. As a reminder, try to balance the exercise with eating healthy food. If you have done that thing, I am quite sure you are gonna lose your weight pretty soon.